Day 1 Gardening Plans

I need to pick a plot of land or decide on whether I am going to invest in a raised garden bed for this years garden. Where we live the soils are very sandy. According to this website sandy soils are great for root crops. So there is a bonus there. It also mentions that root rot is pretty nonexistent in sandy soils as the water drains so quickly. Another bonus.

With that being said, sandy soils don’t really seem to be the greatest environment for a lot of the other crops out there. Originally, I was thinking of only doing raised garden beds, but in fact, I think I may do a combination, given our sandy soil situation.

As I think it may take a long time to get the soil up to snuff, for a garden. In fact, I may start with a raised garden bed, while working on preparing the soil for a garden the following year in a plot of my choosing. Perhaps, then I will be able to get what I need out of the soil, instead of failing from the get-go.

img_3826 Here is the site of my planned garden. (I just took a little walk out there.) It’s a large grassy space right now and I plan on tilling the soil before I plant.

At one point, we attempted a garden here, it was mostly unsuccessful, but we did not continue after the initial investment flopped. I am hoping this area still has some fertilizer (horse manure, in this case) where we worked it into the ground previously. I still plan to buy some composting material to add to the soil.

I dug into the soil a little way’s and this is what I found:

img_3827 While it still appears to be a pretty sandy soil, it is hanging on to that darker soil color that I was hoping to see indicating it has some fertilizer still in the ground. I know I didn’t dig down deep, but I will get a better indication of how the soil looks when I get to till the ground and prep it for planting.

I think after seeing the soil, I may attempt to till/plant the soil the first go round, instead of waiting a year. I am still planning to purchase and mix into the soil some compost. I am definitely going to attempt the root vegetables, as long as it isn’t too late to plant them, because if the previous article I read is right, they should thrive in this soil!




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