Playing With Watercolors

I’ve never thought of myself as very good with watercolors because I have no experience using them. I am trying to change that by practicing with all types of mediums even those I am not as comfortable with.

Today I did this by playing with watercolors. I had no idea what to paint, which is generally my biggest problem. I have a terrible time coming up with ideas, and yet the painting part usually seems like no big deal.

I haven’t learned any techniques yet, so all I did today was pull out the paints, and see what I could come up with on my own prior to doing any research and here are my practice pieces.

I used mixed media paper, hoping that would suffice for a watercolor paper substitute since I am just practicing. My first practice piece is a flower thing you’ll see it above. The paint was thicker than I expected, and I actually had to use a lot of water to really thin out the colors at all. You’ll see I kept some very dark.

Next I tried a landscape, I think this one looks much better in person than it does in a photograph. I like that this one took up the whole page, and left little white space to view.


I also practiced a few fruits and veggies, I like the banana, but I am skeptical on the rest of it. They clearly weren’t done to their appropriate sizes, as the red pepper is usually much smaller than that.


All in all, I completed three practice pieces in watercolors today. I think I need more practice and perhaps a little instruction. However, I do think the flowers and landscape might look nice framed.

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