Covered Bridges

Today we went on a coddiwomple in search of a couple of covered bridges. I found this map of all the covered bridges in the area, and decided it was worth exploring!

The drive took us on this beautiful back road and we saw wildlife along the way.

Can you spot it?


Then we got to the location of the first covered bridge and guess what?

There was NO BRIDGE!

Oh there used to be, but it was clearly gone now, just a gap in the road, where people park to load kayaks into the river and fish.

Not to say that the view wasn’t nice. (It definitely was.)

Then I looked at the map and saw the other covered bridge in the area, and I know this one is still standing, since I was there a few years ago.

 Today, I wasn’t able to get such an amazing photo. First, the season is wrong for it – it’s summer not fall. Also, the place was packed and there was no parking, kayakers were EVERYWHERE you turned!

I can’t say I blame them though, this spot is perfect! If I lived close enough, I’d be there all the time too!


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