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It’s still raining…

Day 1: 0 cigarettes

I survived (with a side of crabbiness) all day without smoking a cigarette. Although I wasn’t as kind as I normally am. By the end of the day instead of letting traffic sneak into my lane generously, I kept going and decided it was someone else’s day to be nice and let the turning traffic in, AND, of course… it’s still raining!

Today was not my day, but it’s getting better.

I made a choice today, to take a chance on my future, that will certainly make changes to my life. (Positive changes, I hope)

I’ll be moving soon to an apartment. The decision has been made. Now the action just has to be followed, and it will be soon enough. It’s time, and perhaps even been overdue. While I appreciate all that my family has done for me during these trying times, it is time for me to get back on my feet – and do it on my own. I love my family and will forever be grateful to them, and owe them more than words can express, but it is time for us all to move forward.

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