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It was my sister Becky’s birthday the other day.

I celebrated by having a “tea party” in her honor. Basically I pulled out the fancy tea set from Teahavana (it’s all cast iron – gorgeous!) and the loose leaf tea from there, and set a table for tea.

If you don’t already know, my sister passed away in a tragic car accident in 2010. It was an awful time period for my family, and no matter how hard you try there are still days where you can’t forget and just wonder why? They have gotten fewer and further between over the years, but not in the beginning. In the beginning, living was a bit of a nightmare.

Anyway, I like to do something to celebrate her life every year on her birthday. Something that she would have enjoyed. Almost every year since the accident I have gone Geocaching. An activity that she introduced me to, and I have enjoyed ever since. This year, I couldn’t really motivate myself to go out, so instead I made tea.

Becky once threw a tea party for her little girls. Complete with stuffed animal guests and cucumber sandwiches. The girls dressed up and they went out into the woods (this was an outdoor tea party) where they had a wonderful tea party with bunnies!

I figured a tea party in honor of my sister’s birthday would be quite an honor. So we each, my mother, father, and I all had a cup of tea. While the fourth cup sat empty on the counter. Feeling to me like it belonged there. It was her cup of tea. Perhaps she was joining us in heaven.



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