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The Heat Is On….

The temperature outside is rising, and the air conditioner is running! (Thank God for that!) Although I love the heat, I have been spending my days catching up with my old friend, Netflix. 

It seems Netflix has added a lot of new stuff since I last checked it out and with me hiding in the air conditioning lately I’ve been catching up on my TV watching. 

Yesterday I watched Bridget Jones’ Baby which it turns out I loved. I thought the movie was quite hysterical living up to the first two. I was questionable about it at first, I wasn’t expecting her to be single in the beginning, but eventually it came together and I enjoyed it very much! 

My dogs, much like me are enjoying this cool air conditioned weather, my normally outside pup, Mickey, took a few steps outside into the humidity, and turned right back around to come inside! What a twist, normally I can’t even get him in the house, now I can’t get him to go outside! 

I’ve been busy working, attending sweet 16 parties, crafting, enjoying the sun, catching up on my reading, and now my TV watching. There hasn’t been too much time in there for blogging lately. Not to worry, I’ll get back to it soon. In the meantime, I just wanted you to know I was still here – and I haven’t forgotten about you! I promise to be a more diligent writer in the future! 

Enjoy the weather folks!


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