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Day Dreamer

That’s me. A day dreamer.

Today’s day dreams?

My next house.

I’ve had one already, but this time it’s different. I have different goals. With this house, I just want something small and quaint. It must be big enough for me and my three pets of course, room for the pets to wander, but not so much space that I have to hunt them down when I am looking for them!

It must also be adorable and cute on the outside, although I think this one will come with time as I work on the landscaping myself. I like to make my own flower arrangements, varied by height and color. In the end I want it to resemble a cozy cottage. Nothing to outlandish, just small and sweet.

Since I already have an idea of WHERE this house is going, I already know there is a minimum square footage allowed, so no TINY HOUSE dreams can be lived here, but cozy cottage? I think that’s doable!

It also needs a fenced in yard, not a big fence, just more of a dog run. It’s a necessary evil, because when it’s raining and they don’t want to come inside…well then my dogs can have their fun too and I get to stay dry!

It doesn’t need much on the inside, the basics will work for me. I like to cook though, so my kitchen is important, but with that being said…I can cook in any size kitchen so my importance doesn’t need to be on the size. Perhaps instead I’ll focus on upgrading the appliances? Cause who doesn’t love the idea of a smart refrigerator? (Well, me actually. I think they are a problem waiting to happen!) But I nice stove? That I can handle!

Oh yeah, and it MUST have a front porch. It can be tiny, just room for one rocking chair, but I want to be able to chill out front in the morning sipping on my coffee watching the traffic go by.

It also needs to have a patio in the back, (I almost said deck, but scratch that – decks can weaken over time. I want something that LASTS.) I like to grill in the summer. Hot dogs, burgers, chicken, steak, pineapple, you name it I’ll probably grill it!

It must have a SHORT driveway. NO WAY am I trying to traverse a long driveway in a Michigan winter. (I know this one from experience by the way.) It’s a terrible ordeal and can cause too many more snow days than the rest of the world sees.

What do you think? Are me dreams too much? I don’t think so. In fact, I know they are doable and I am planning on making this house a reality someday in my future. It might not appear the quaint, adorable cottage I want it to in the beginning, but give me 30 years and it’ll get there!

Have a wonderful day folks! Keep dreaming!

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