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Who’s Your Favorite Artist?

I love so many artist’s works for so many different things. However if forced to choose just one, there is a stand out in the crowd to me. The one I most admire is Vincent VanGogh

I am a huge fan of the impressionist works of art. The flowing style of the paint, the way the colors blend together to create amazing works of art. Impressionism is the style I think I work closest to when I am painting in oils. It’s also the reason oils are my favorite medium.

When I first started trying to use oils, I began with oil pastels. I would draw line after line of various colors, sometimes choosing based on my mood, and blend them together with my finger. It was nothing compared to my first time using oil paints, however.

I didn’t know what I was doing when I started with oils, but I knew what I liked, and I worked at replicating that. I painted pictures in monochromatic themes, few in true to nature colors, and many in whatever colors I had left over of my paints just so I could keep on painting as I loved to!

I used random tools to create different textures, I grabbed a butter knife and painted an entire painting using only that knife and varying my strokes. I used big brushes, little brushes, and ones in between while I learned what each brush stroke would do.

In the end I had a gallery of paintings, and no where to put them all, so soon I began giving paintings as gifts, and yet I still have a large number of them around me in various places. Little works of inspiration!

In the ideal world I would have a studio in my backyard dedicated to all my creative pursuits, with a high priority on oil painting.  In a place like this I could practice my techniques with great abandon!

VanGogh has been an inspiration to me in all of my creative pursuits, primarily of course in my oil paintings. His use of color and the brush strokes he uses amaze me and I am humbled by his work.

Has an artist ever inspired you? In what way?


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