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The Joy’s of Being Sick

Getting to lay around in your pj’s anytime of day without anyone complaining. 

Taking naps all hours of the day to recoup some energy…again, no one complains about this. 

….And that’s about all I’ve got. It’s not a joy to be sick. It’s the opposite of joyful in fact, it puts you in a melancholy mood especially when it’s a beautiful day outside and you can’t even enjoy it! Even reading is difficult when you are sick, because you are also usually so tired it’s hard to focus enough on a book to keep up with it.

I’m not as sick as I was this past weekend, but it’s still hanging in there trying to drag me down. By golly this cough is not going to get the better of me! No matter how much it makes my eyes water and throat hurt!

I hope you all are making it through the spring without catching one of these nasty sicknesses that are spreading around!

Remember Orange Juice. Get some vitamin C in your body fight this stuff before it reaches you!

If I’d have thought about it sooner I would have gotten me some of that Airborne to fight colds. Perhaps then this battle would be over!

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