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Under the Weather…

Under the weather that’s me for this past weekend. If you expected some kind of big event going on in my life, well you were sadly mistaken. I came down with a terrible cold Friday morning, and I spent my Saturday recouping and trying to get better. In other words, I laid around napping in my pj’s, sipping on Vernors, and reading my book when I was awake. The good news is – all my napping paid off because I feel much better today. The sniffles, sneezing, and coughing aren’t quite gone yet, but at least I can keep my eyes open without instantly wanting to fall asleep!

I am still slightly under the weather, so there are no big plans in the works for today or tomorrow either. Recouping seems to be the best solution. However, since I was feeling better today I did manage to get up and make a budget for myself.

I know I know, that doesn’t exactly sound like fun, but I have always been interested in how I spend my money and where I can save so budgeting for me is all in good fun. I don’t have any of those fancy money management softwares available to me, so I just broke out the old spreadsheet and created my own version of a budget.

Its always been the planning ahead thing that I really need, I have no problem taking care of the here and now, but planning for what will come in the upcoming weeks is always were I falter. I took my spreadsheet and planned out the next couple of months budget and guess how I feel now?


That’s right, it’s always nice to know just what is left over after everything has been taken care of. It always makes me feel that I am truly an adult when I can manage my finances.

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