Coddiwomple’s Revamped!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to get more creative with my coddiwomples. By that I mean finding more ways to do things that are free activities. We all like to save money don’t we? I am no exception. So in honor of this new proposal I am going to dedicate a goodly portion of my coddiwomples to finding free activities to do in Michigan.

It’s easy to find something to do when one has money – you can just pick and choose from any number of places to visit, but what if we take money out of the equation? How much can we find to do then? I bet we can still find a good portion of activities that require little to no money involved. Perhaps a little gas money will be required, but who says you can’t have a coddiwomple in your own backyard? I’m making these rules up as I go, and I say coddiwomples can be any number of activities – even if it’s just finding something fascinating close to home.

This weekend I am going to start this venture – so I am busy planning as usual, trying to figure out just what free activity I can come up with next. Perhaps my coddiwomple will be taking me into another world, a world out of a book, as I fear it may be a rainy weekend! We shall see however. Only time will tell!

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