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Time To Catch Up On Some Reading…

One thing I hate about living out in the boonies is that there is a lack of good, quality book stores available. Oh, we have a library, but I like to buy my books, because when I like a book I read it multiple times and for some reason I’d rather have only my paws handling the book if that’s the case.

Today I went hunting for a book store, and lucky for me I found a local book store, not one of the the big chains, it’s independently owned. In other words it doesn’t have EVERYTHING under the sun, but it certainly had enough choices for me to make a selection. In fact I liked it better because it was a small store. Perhaps the proximity of this book store will get me reading outside of my normal realm of interests? Always a good thing to expand your horizons! The other great thing about this store is they will ship books to you if they don’t have them, so happy day! I might have found my new book store, AND I am supporting local businesses! Double whammy!

I’ve been really neglecting my reading lately, so I decided it was time to pick up a couple of books. I COULD have just downloaded them on my e-reader (yes, I have one of those), but there’s something special about holding a copy of a book in your hand. The smell, the wear as it gets read, the ability to give it away to someone who needs a good book. You don’t get those things with the e-reader, so while I have nothing against the e-reader – it certainly keeps me from loading up my house with shelves upon shelves of books – I sometimes like to have the actual book in my hand.

I spent a good 45 minutes in the book store. Yep, I am one of THOSE people, I like to browse through everything until I find the perfect book. I found lots of books by authors that I love, but I had already read all of those! Except one – and she is a teen fiction author – Richelle Mead – The Glittering CourtI MIGHT have read this before, but I am not sure, and since I loved her other teen fiction books, I figured I’d give it a go.

My other selection came about because I was more recently to save on time switching to audio books, that way road trips, commuting to work, etc. all become opportunities to “read” a book. I couldn’t find too many audio books to attract my attention, but I found the Janet Evanovich books really delightful for listening to. They are funny and endearing, with a bit of mystery involved. I’ve listened to several of these books, but one that I haven’t “read” yet is Finger Lickin’ FifteenSo I am delighted to say I picked this one up also.

I love most books, but what I am interested in reading has changed over time. When I was younger I was really into Stephen King and John Saul. Eventually I switched to more literary favorites and became a huge fan of Life of Pi, Gone With The Wind both are favorites of mine. I’ve read many Louis Lamour and many romance novels. I’ve also been a huge fan of chick lit. I like sci-fi/fantasy and silly mysteries that have recipes in them. There really is only one genre I’ve stayed away from all these years and that’s biographies. However, there is still time for me to pick up a biography and get caught up in it. (I just can’t see that happening right now.)

What do you like to read?

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