Grand Haven, Michigan

So I went on a coddiwomple today! Love those coddiwomples! (I still don’t know if I am using the word properly, but we’re going to just roll with it…)

We headed out to Grand Haven today, on what you would think would be a beautiful spring day, but instead felt frigid and stayed cloudy. Not the ideal day for a road trip, I like ’em sunny and warm!

Either way we braved the cold and saw Lake Michigan. My first viewing of the season.

img_3674 We walked along the water a bit, but it was pretty chilly so that didn’t last long! We drove around a bit, and found a neat hidden overlook (picture at the end). Then img_3677we headed to the downtown area to see what’s what in this out of season visit.

We checked out an art gallery – where I got to see some very interesting ways of using art in various mediums and checked out a few other beach-y shops along the way. I found a couple of gifts for the folks even in the most unusual place.

We stopped for coffee chatted for a bit – before heading back to the car. You see while we were chatting I got “hired” to do an outdoor art piece for my Aunt. I’m going to paint an outside post that the bird feeder rests on, in bright bold colors, quite eclectic I’d say. I love it! So we got out of there so we could head to Michaels and pick up our supplies.

I couldn’t resist picking up some modeling clay to try while I was there! Check out my results here.


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