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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

I even heard the birds this morning, so I think even though it has been officially spring, it doesn’t feel like it to me until I hear those pleasant little chirps. Its mid-afternoon and I’ve already devoured my much awaited chocolate Easter bunny. Mmmmm…nothing like real solid chocolate to start out your day! I’ve also had a good taste of the ham and potatoes were having for dinner, so my Easter is definitely off to an amazing start!

There has been some developments in the school front, as in I’ve changed my major again, prior to starting school. I decided to go for something a little different but no less interesting to me. It’s something I’ve thought on and off about doing for awhile, but could never officially make up my mind. Now with classes re-arranged and a new program under way I am going to go for Hospitality and Tourism Management. After all, who doesn’t love the tourism industry? My emphasis is going to be in lodging and I’d like to think someday I’ll get a chance to work at a resort.

 I’m excited about the possibilities a career in Hospitality management can bring to me and about the joy I can bring to others with a career in it. I love to travel, and maybe this will satisfy this side of my personality!

I hope you all enjoy your Easter and get to have some quality family time in today!

Have a wonderful day!



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