On The Hunt….

Today I am on the hunt, and by that I mean car shopping, and what kind of car do I LOVE LOVE LOVE?

Well, it’s the VW Beetle. So I am looking around and seeing if there is a lovely place out there that will get me one. (fingers-crossed!) I am waiting on a phone call back on one in particular…..so we will just see if later today I am cruising around in my new VW! 🙂 Or perhaps not, but I am keeping a positive outlook on this!

It’s also Easter Weekend Folks, and I am pretty excited about my chocolate bunny (the one I am not allowed to have until Easter Sunday). I am also excited to spend a little time with the family, enjoying our traditional ham and potatoes Easter meal. We aren’t going overboard, as it’ll probably be a small get together, but it should be a fun time anyway.

I am also looking forward to watching HOP, cause I haven’t got my Easter movie fix in yet, and that is the only Easter movie I know of as of yet.

Let’s not forget what else we’re doing this weekend, it’s called enjoying that SUNSHINE! Cause it’s about time it made it’s appearance over here!


Hopefully the next time I write you I am telling you about my first ride in my VW Bug!


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