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Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror, because I couldn’t go the day without a writing prompt to work on. So here it is folks:

If your mirror could talk to you, what would it say? 

Wow! It’s kind of a deep question and it required some deep thought.

Physically speaking, I’d like it to be saying, “You are beautiful just the way you are,” but I think it mostly says, “eh, you’re passable” then I go about my day. I could also see my mirror lecturing me on the importance of getting up earlier so I can take the time to really get ready for the day. Now, what I’d like my mirror to be doing is giving me little nudges of confidence building tidbits everyday, and a compliment or two wouldn’t hurt at least once a day. I wouldn’t want it to go overboard on the compliments, or then I’d become far to self involved.

I also think my mirror would have a lot to say to myself about my illness. For instance, just giving me gentle reminders that my illness does not define me. Reminders that I have the tools in my tool belt now to deal with things that my illness can throw at me.

My mirror would take all the flaws I see and tell me 3 things about each of them that makes them endearing. Until I reach the point where I can accept the way I look without harsh self judgement.

 What would your mirror say to you?

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