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Running Out Of Blog Post Ideas…

I’ve noticed the lack of writing in my recent blog posts, and I know that’s due to running out of ideas. So here it is…today’s blog post:

Name a weird habit you have.

Ha, this one is almost too easy, I have so many weird habits where does one begin to explain them all?

Let’s start with I am completely socially awkward. I have this inability to decide where to look when someone is talking to me and sometimes I end up focusing on that and losing track of what they’re saying. For instance, do you look them in the eye? I generally do, but then I wonder, am I looking too long at their eye, perhaps I should break eye contact. Is it rude if I look away breaking the eye contact? I have no idea.

I also fidget under someone else’s direct gaze. I look away, or down, or at my feet, and start fidgeting with my hands. Then I get self conscious that I am fidgeting. It’s a no-win battle.

Do other’s notice it? Hmm, that’s a tough one, I would guess they do and just think I am like I mentioned above a little socially awkward, maybe even weird.

Does it bother me? It use to, but I am who I am and I work on making changes as I can to improve myself. It just might not be at the pace of the people around me, but perhaps that next person I talk to will get to see a little less of the socially awkward me after I’ve worked on it and improved some of my social skills.

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