It’s Official…The Weekend Is Here!

In honor if this momentous occasion, I’d like you to say hello to my Australian Shepard friend.

The man in my life…..Mickey.

img_3618Don’t let the scar on his nose fool ya, he’s a big softy. He might wrestle with the occasional raccoon, but he loves to snuggle!

I’ve got plans for this weekend. It’s called vegging out and soaking up some of those TV-rays. Oh yeah, and I’ll probably throw some drawing in there too. Practice..Practice..Practice! I’ll share them with you, so expect an update or two this weekend.

There’s probably also going to be a little cleaning in there…


Febreze is amazing stuff. Although no one seems to appreciate when I douse the house in the stuff except me! Somehow sitting on a wet seat ruins the thrill or something like that.



And just maybe…maybe I’ll do an update for my cooking blog?

But tonight? Friday nights are just for ME.

Enjoy your weekend! 


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