BFA In Illustration

So I wasn’t going to blog again so soon, but I’ve been doing some thinking and mind changing again on what I am going to return to school for and I thought you should all get the upate. I still have till the end of fall semester to make up my mind, but I think as of right now I going to go for the BFA in Illustration.

It fits with my interest in making children’s books, and what better way to get that skill than to actually go to school for it. Also, there was a time when my sister and I had plans for me to be her illustrator for the books she writes and what better way to honor her loss than to continue on that path. (She would be so proud!)

Now bear with me because getting accepted to the program actually follows along the path of several portfolio reviews throughout my time in classes. The first one will be after my first semester. (Finger’s crossed) Followed by a second portfolio after the second semester, and then a final portfolio review shortly before the final semester.

It’s going to be a long crazy road these next few years, but I have faith in making it through. Am I nervous? Hell yes, but I am also extremely excited. I can’t wait to get started!


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