Update on Novel

So here it goes, the big update to my novel. Right now, it’s going NOWHERE and I mean NOWHERE! I have been so focused on other projects that it’s really taken a back burner on my to-do list unfortunately. So there really is no news, sorry for the disappointment!

Which means this weekend I am going to dedicate some time to it. Take a break from all the painting/drawing/crafting stuff in my life and just hunker down and write. Don’t worry, I’ll be taking plenty of breaks! I never miss my breaks!

Tonight I’ll probably spend some time getting reacquainted with what I have written so far, and tomorrow night….it’s on! (The writing that is.)

Just an FYI my children’s book production is on hold for an unknown amount of time. My software and current laptop don’t like each other! I am not sure when I will get this problem fixed at the moment, so bear with me!

Have a wonderful Friday!

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