Fear of Failure

It’s my worst fear, my biggest opposition to getting the job done. It terrifies me for all future endeavors and sometimes it even holds me frozen in a standstill while I try to sort it all out.


The fear of failure actually. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been frozen at a standstill in life because my fear of failure holds me back. All the negative thoughts can threaten to overwhelm me, and in this case my fear of failure comes with starting a new career.

What if I fail?

Well, I’ve learned the only way to deal with that kind of thought process is to beat it back with a vengeance. Positive self talk.

For example, what if I fail? What is the worst that could happen to me? Hmm…well, I bet you can’t top the things that have already happened to me. So it looks like failure is not quite so scary.

What if I fail? I’d have tried my best at something I love doing and I’d be living a life with no regrets. Wait a minute, a life with no regrets? That doesn’t sound too bad, in fact that sounds like just the kind of life I want to be living.

What if I fail? There’s always my back up plan. Back up plans are important in this day and age. My back up plan isn’t too shabby either. It was almost my first plan. That doesn’t sound too bad either.

You see there are a hundred scenarios I can come up with to frighten me, and a hundred counter examples for each of those scenarios.

Fear of failure?

You haven’t beat me yet!


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