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Children’s Book: Sammy’s Halloween

I finished my second children’s book yesterday: Sammy’s Halloween. It is much improved from my first version, but still not quite where I want to be with my children’s book creations.

This time around I used Adobe Illustrator, and without a lot of instruction plowed through by using the most basic of tools. I was able to accomplish my goal, but I did notice a few things that I would really like to improve upon for the next book I am writing.

I’d like to go with a little older age group, because I am finding that I miss telling a good story. Long, or short, it doesn’t matter, but my writing level probably fits with a certain level of reader.

I am lucky that I am sticking to the self publishing world where I am able to explore all of my writing options. I wouldn’t have the luxury of the trial and error pathway that I am taking now. So I am eternally grateful that self publish is something that can be done.

The other thing I know I want to include more of is color. Since I stuck with the most basic tools, I also stuck with white background images, which I’d like to experiment with in my future books.

My goal here is to create a story worth telling that children will enjoy, but know that it brings me insurmountable joy to create these little stories and bring life to them with illustrations. It is a pleasure for me to see my thoughts in print and if that can bring a smile to just one little face, then my work here is complete!

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