A girl and her dog 

Today when I sat down to paint I didn’t quite know what I was going to do. Then it was suggested to me to paint a picture of a photograph I took of a beautiful field and silo in the background. It was changing from green to yellow, as the season turns from summer to fall. I thought that was a brilliant idea and began the painting with that photograph in mind.

It was originally painted horizontally (green side down) where the green was an intent at the first layer of paint for the yellow field. However, it soon came to my attention that I was out of all my yellow paint and only had a little white paint left. So blue, green, red, and a tiny bit of white was all I had to work with. So I realized this was going to test my painting abilities and no longer would I be painting the field of yellow as I originally began.

Instead it started to transform. I turned the painting vertically to alter the brush strokes as I did the blue section, and as I have done in the past, I decided this beautiful pattern I was coming up with would make a wonderful background.

But I saw something else in the painting once I turned it vertically, a girl. So I accented some features with pink to bring out the hair and define her shape a little more. (A very slender, uniquely-shaped girl I might add.)

As I finished the girl, I began to notice that next to the girl there appeared to be a dog, so I brought some attention to the eyes, nose, and defined the shape a tad more letting the various shades of color do the rest.

I know both girl and dog can be difficult to see, but I hope you find them and take as much pleasure in seeing them as I did in painting them!

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