• Coddiwomple

    Coddiwomple: Grand Rapids Public Museum, Michigan

    Yesterday I took my niece to the Grand Rapids Public Museum. It was going to be a rainy day and we were looking for the perfect coddiwomple to keep us occupied. The museum, which I haven’t been to since I was a child seemed the perfect fit! Located at 272 Pearl Street NW, Grand Rapids, Michigan, the building itself is impressive, the large expanse gives you an idea of just how much there is to see and do within the museum itself. Outside of the museum, parking isn’t a problem as a parking garage is located nearby, and just a short walk from the entrance, and thankfully this parking garage…

  • What Have You Read Lately?

    The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin

    I just finished The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin. My first thoughts? Wow, that was astounding, and oh boy do I have questions…so many that I am going to pick up the second and third books in this trilogy to read this summer. I’ve just got to finish this trilogy! My advice – READ IT! I loved this story. This book not only kept me entirely engaged, page after fascinating page, but it really caught me up in thinking about the parallels in the dystopian novel that Jemisin presents to us and our own society. I can not repeat this enough – READ IT! This is a book that makes you…

  • writing

    Short Story Turning Into a Novel

    You read that title right, one of my recent short stories is going to be the inspiration for a novel I am starting. My short story is going to be the prologue to this novel. I am very excited about this. I have so many ideas for novels on things that haven’t been written about from a fictional standpoint and I plan on covering them all when I get the opportunity! The best thing about this project is that these stories are all based on things that interest me, which means researching will be a not only fun, but will probably be extremely educational for me! As for “The Grass,”…

  • writing

    On Writing and My Revision Process

    I’ve been very busy writing. I’m working on multiple projects of my own to submit to different publications, so unfortunately again, I can’t share these on here. I will tell you that my revision process has changed significantly since I began writing. Originally, I would just write something quickly, edit it as I go, and submit it – those of you that understand this realize that I was probably just submitting my first drafts. I now I have a very good process for writing and submitting my work. I start with writing my work. As always, you have to start with writing. I start by writing it as fast, and…

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    Update on “The Grass,” and Vlogging

    I turned in my final draft of “The Grass” last night. It is quite different from the original piece, I had to change my ending. Our assignment guidelines were to create just one unbelievable thing in the story and make it believable, in my draft I had at least three unbelievable concepts and I had to eliminate them, which made me sad. I liked my original piece better, although the second story of “The Grass,” is interesting as well, it did not flow as well as the first. I believe this is due to what my professor told me about my draft being written in poetic prose, and she wanted…

  • Just For Fun,  Vlogs

    Poetic Prose, Knitting Surprises in the Mail, and other Monday Events

    Today I had my creative writing class and it was workshop day, meaning we were getting into our peer review groups where we were getting feedback on our stories. The story I turned in was “The Grass.” I posted the rough draft on here earlier for you to read. I got some amazing feedback and I am looking forward to fixing my story and finalizing it. I decided the final version, which I am not going to share on my blog (Sorry guys!) is something I am going to submit for publication as I think it is my best piece so far. Today, however, was full of surprises, which I…

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    Coddiwomple, Small Town USA, A Drive through Howard City, Michigan

    Small towns are much neglected out there for the more well known locations, I’ve decided in my Coddiwomple trips that I am going to focus on exploring small towns and finding out what good things they have to offer. All small towns have something to offer, even if it is the architecture of an old abandoned building. Today’s Coddiwomple took me on a drive through the small town of Howard City, Michigan. A few of the residents were able to give me feedback on what makes the village, because Howard City is actually a village, special to them. I invested in a Gopro camera today, and I took the drive…

  • Vlogs

    Introductory Vlog

    Because it had to happen… I had to make an introductory vlog to get going on this vlogging thing. I spent the last three hours filming and editing everything I wanted to put into this introductory video. It was not easy to say the least. I am not 100% happy with it, but at least it is done for now, and if I want to edit it later – hey, that is the beauty of having my own vlog right? You can check it out below! It’s only about a minute long. Thanks for watching! ~mel

  • Short Stories

    Bethany – A Short Story

    PART ONE: “Stop!” I yelled frantically! “Stop, I have to get on the bus!” I ran after it, nearly falling when I tripped on a big chunk of ice that had fallen off some unknown car’s wheel well. The snow was picking up, and the cold wind caused tears to stream down my face, making me appear as though I was not only late, but sobbing. The bus, however, did not stop, but I did. I wiped the tears from my face, taking my now unlimited time to walk back home to pull the gloves out of my pocket and put them on since I had forgotten about them in…

  • Just For Fun

    It’s Gonna Be A Late Night Folks!

    Tonight is going to be never ending for me, as I just got home at 1035pm and now I have to write one paper, one story, and study for one test all before tomorrow! Some may call that early yet, but for me, that’s just about my bedtime! Not to worry though, I’ve got ample snacks on my desk (Hershey Kisses) to keep me fueled through the night, and of course, there is always coffee – if I opt for that route. Of course, before I can get to my homework I must blog, right? You bloggers out there know how it goes, it’ll get me into the spirit of…